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Shannon CRUSHED a special design project ​for UCM this week! We were asked to create ​a brochure that will be used during their ​search for a new CMO and the expectations ​were high (both because of the role they ​are looking to fill but also because this was ​a unique project with a much larger scope ​than we usually support).

Shannon not only delivered an excellent ​product in record time, the client gave her ​maximum praise and minimal edits.

"The updates look fantastic as well, thank ​you again for the great work."

Candidate Persona + Messaging

Pillar 1: Build Meaningful Patient Relationships Rooted in Recovery.

  • Seeing the same patients admitted for care repeatedly can be frustrating ​and disheartening.
  • With UChicago Medicine Home Care, you’ll get the full picture of patient care ​to practice better medicine by implementing treatment plans that take into ​account the patient’s environment, lifestyle, and educational needs.
  • Join UChicago Medicine Home Care and treat patients in their environment, ​where you can:

    • Gain better insight into their health challenges and caretaking to provide ​tailored care and medical advice that will aid their recovery.
    • Work with patients who are comfortable and relaxed, and therefore more ​open to listen and receive education that will impact their health in the ​present and future.
    • See your patient through recovery to the next phase of health.

Messaging Continued

Pillar 2: Enjoy Support. Whenever and Wherever You Need It.

  • Enjoy Support. Whenever and Wherever You Need It.
  • The UChicago Medicine Home Care team is a family-like environment where it is a priority that all team members feel supported.
  • Home Care professionals have an entire team to lean on when they have a question or concern.
  • At UChicago Medicine Home Care, we understand that communication with your patients' care team is also critical. That is why we've ​taken steps to enhance and streamline communications with physicians and other specialists to ensure you get the answers you need ​related to your patients' treatment plans.

Pillar 3: Find Work-Life Balance with UChicago Medicine Home Care.

  • With UChicago Medicine Home Care, enjoy flexibility and work-life balance that allows you to be successful personally and professionally. ​We know it’s important that you show up as your best self not only for your patients, but also for your family.
  • Find the variety and experience you’re looking for in a healthcare career with UChicago Medicine Home Care. You’ll have the unique ​opportunity to work one-on-one with your patients on diverse treatment plans where healing happens best – their home.
  • Home Care team members work closely with leadership to find the right schedule and caseload to meets their needs.
  • With leaders who have worked in the field themselves, management makes it a priority to balance patient ratios and be accessible to ​collaborate on your patient’s care plan.

Email Design + Social

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